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How do I get a better rental car? Car dealers choose a car based not only on the features of the vehicle, but also on the feedback it has received in the past and the rate and speed of the landlord’s response. Positive feedback and reviews can also earn you a spot in the car’s first search engine results. What’s the secret to a five-star rental experience?


1. Add multiple pictures

Did you know that vehicles with six images are rented three times more often than other cars? Choose photos that show your car on the sides, front, rear and inside. Also describe the trunk. It’s best to take photos on a sunny day and in a place where your car stands out.

Add as much information about the car as possible to your car profile . Writing a detailed description creates a safe mind for the renter and makes the car sound unique. Describe your vehicle honestly; this way, the expectations of renters are realistic and you are more likely to receive positive feedback.

2. Communicate quickly and smoothly

Once the renter has paid for the rental, send them a message via Autolevi and provide details on the car’s delivery time and method. You should also thank the renter for choosing your car. Tell them you are going to give the car a clean and full tank.

Always answer the tenant’s questions as quickly as possible during their trip – good communication leads to good feedback. The renter may have questions or concerns, and he or she will appreciate your desire to resolve the issues quickly. People remember how quickly the problem was solved, not the problem itself.

3. Every accessory is a plus

Get the full star rating with more amenities. Get a mobile cradle in your car for easy directions from your phone, a USB charger cable to charge your phone’s battery, and even wet towels; They are a smart investment especially if you want to get your car back clean.

The car’s most popular car owners have provided their customers with an umbrella, a collection of CDs and a nice picnic blanket, for example. One of the site’s most positive customer feedback was partly due to the first aid kit in the car. Always add as many extras as possible to your car.

4. Clean and reliable car

You may have noticed that proper cleaning makes your car look younger than many years. Renters will appreciate the clean car. Wash your car before renting it, keep its interior clean and clean the carpets on the feet. Hand over the car with a full tank and clearly tell the renter that the car should be returned to you in the same condition.

Make sure everything under the hood is rolling as you should and check your vehicle frequently. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from your renters – it will be easier to resolve any issues later when you have fresh feedback. Even if a particular feature of the car does not affect its driveability, please tell the Renters; this way they know what to expect and no unpleasant surprises can happen.

5. Commitment

Commitment to providing a great customer experience – one that you would like to experience as a renter – is the cornerstone of a great rental experience. Keep your rental calendar up to date and avoid late cancellations.


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