Kuinka saat lisää katselu- ja vuokrauskertoja autollesi?

It is important that you keep your vehicle profile up to date and up to date. Pay attention to updating your profile, especially during the summer and other holidays, as this will result in more cars being rented than at other times. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to make more reservations.

1. Keep your rental calendar up to date

If there are going to be days when you can’t rent your car, make those dates as soon as you know them. Then the renter will also see that you cannot rent your car on those days. If the car is of sufficient interest to the renter, he / she will rent it at a time that is better for you. This will reduce the amount of unnecessary rentals while also showing that you are a careful car owner. You can find the rental calendar on your profile next to the vehicle details.

2.Decide the minimum and maximum rental periods

We’ve found that most car owners enter a minimum rental period under ”Car details”. However, you can do this already in your car profile and in its rental calendar; this will save you space in the details section for other important things. This makes renting easier for both Renters and car owners, as the renter can be confident when renting and the car owner does not have to accept too long or unnecessarily short rental requests if he / she does not want to. You can adjust the rental time restrictions below the rental calendar.

3. Indicate the shortest approved notice period between booking and rental

If the two-hour notice period between booking and rental is too short for you, you can always extend it. In car settings, you can set any time between 3 and 23 hours as a warning. This way you avoid unexpected bookings and you always have enough time to clean your car and deliver it to the right place, even if you are a little further away.

4.What time is the car available

As you can see from the picture above, there are more options than ever. If you feel that the 24-hour availability is too much, you can also change this option. For example, if you only want to rent your car during the week and between 9am and 7pm, you can record these times in your car details and avoid rent requests that you do not want to make. This saves you both your time and potential renters.

5.Check your contact information

Response rate is one of the most important selection criteria when looking for a rental car – therefore it is also one of the easiest ways for a car owner to stand out from the crowd. We recommend that you use your mobile number and an email address that you check frequently to receive bookings. This will help you discover reservations as soon as possible. A quick response makes life easier for you and the renter. You can check your contact information.

Make Info settings

Check your profile to see what newsletter you receive for new bookings. You can choose between SMS or email, or both if you need to. You can do that.

6.Marked the actual location of the car

If you plan to go to Pärnu instead of Tallinn and take the car with you, the new location of the car meant. This way you can rent a car even when you are not at home and earn a bit of your travel expenses. You can change the car’s location in the car’s profile.

7.Beautiful pictures attract attention

The first thing a potential renter notices is how the car looks in the pictures. Therefore, we recommend that you really invest in the images and keep them up to date. Renters want to see the car as it is, from every angle. New photos should be updated especially as the seasons change, as a snowy picture in July is a clear signal to the renter that the car’s profile has not been updated for a long time.

8.Update vehicle information

Have you got a tow hitch or cruise control for your car? Remember to tag them on your profile! You can do this in the ”details” section of this car. You can mark both purchases by ticking their boxes and entering other details about your car.


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